​Human beings are information, infinit codes of information expressing themselves in the world. Since most of these codes are unknown to us, acting on its own in an automatic and unconscious way, it's fundamental to discover, maybe for the first time, the "backstage" of our mind.

- What stories, codes, information am I made of? 
- Wich are my motivations, fears, limits, desires, frustrations?
- If life is like a theater play, who is writing it?


Quantum Decoding is a methodology developed by José Vaso that allows us to deeply comprehend our own life. It brings us in contact with ourselves, especially with all we always wanted to avoid, all we repress and hide because we believe it's unpleasant, painful, wrong, reproachable, shameful or immoral. This shadow or inconscient mind represents 95% of our thoughts, emotions, decisions and behaviours! ​
It makes total sense that a part of us works on automatic pilot, for example the heartbeating, the blood pressure, the development of a baby during pregnancy or the self-regeneration of the body. When these automatic inconscient decisions lead to all kinds of undesired and limiting physical and psychological symptomatology or behaviours, it's important to find the logic behind it and the emotional shocks that triggered them. Changing our perception about life and ourselves, decoding and recoding our unconscious mind is an amazing process that leads us to a fulfilling relationship with ourselves and being in harmony with all that surrounds us.