Quantum Decoding is a methodology that helps us find the root of our conflicts and the source of our sufferings. To know, to comprehend, to accept and to integrate are the keys to any effective and long lasting conscious transformation. It's recommended a 1h30 to 2h session every 3 to 4 weeks. They are focused on achieving the best results in the minimum amount of time. 



  • Analysis of the genealogical tree

Comprehending our ancestors' history allows us to comprehend our own.

What they lived and how they lived it will be thoroughly analysed in the first



  • Grievings

With this exercices we will be able to access and express all repressed, rejected

and hidden emotions.

  • Belief System

Learn to find your limiting beliefs and how to change them. 


  • Quantum Session

Tools to connect with your inner wisdom and with life unlimited possibilities. 

The consultant should be over 18 years old, the sessions are on-line and can be in english, portuguese or spanish.